Richard Hamilton, as part of The Promise of the Screen at Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, Germany. 26 April 2019.

Every Picture Tells A Story, screening at Museum of Orange Heritage, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 28 March 2019

Nightcleaners, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany. 6 February 2019.

Love's Presentation and Richard Hamilton, Hockney/Hamilton Expanded Graphics, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany. 5 February 2019.

Love's Presentation and A Shocking Accident, Sunday Supper and Screening, Vita Art Center, Ventura, California. 22 July 2018.

Love's Presentation and RB Kitaj, Short Films: The School of London, LA Louver, Venice, California. 11 July 2018.

'36 to '77British Film Institute, London, England. 5 July 2018.

Nightcleaners, Filmfestival Frühjahrsputz Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany. 25 May 2018.

Nightcleaners, as part of Film for Friday, in conjunction with Virginia Woolf an Exhibition Inspired by her Writings, Tate St. Ives, Cornwall, England. 23 February - 30 March 2018.

Every Picture Tells A Story and Richard Hamilton, screened in conjunction with the release of a new DVD box set from the BFI, Every Picture Tells a Story - The Art Films of James Scott, BFI Southbank Theatre, London, UK. 16 August 2017.

Every Picture Tells A Story, screened in conjunction with Form, Colour, Space, Eton College, Windsor, UK. 27 January 2017, 24 February 2017.

Richard Hamilton, screened in conjunction with This Was Tomorrow exhibition, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany. 16 February 2017. 

Love's Presentation, Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, California. 15 January 2017.

Love's Presentation, Richard Hamilton and RB Kitaj, An Evening with James Scott: Early Films at Night Gallery, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, California. 15 December 2016.

RB Kitaj and A Shocking Accident, James Scott: New Work, Beyond Baroque Literary and Arts Center, Venice, California. 1 October 2016.

Love's Presentation, James Scott: New Work, Beyond Baroque Literary and Arts Center, Venice, California. 10 September 2016.

Nightcleaners, A New Job to Unwork At, organized by Clara Lopez Menendez and Andrew Kachel, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, California. 6 April 2016.

Nightcleaners, Greatest Common Factor, organized by Zeynep Oz, Fol Cinema and SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey. 6 February 2016.

Richard Hamilton and The Great Ice Cream Robbery, Getty Research Institute’s Art On Screen series, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California. 2 December 2015.

Nightcleaners, Light Industry Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. 12 May 2015.

Nightcleaners, All the World’s Futures, program curated by Okwui Enwezor, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy. 9 May 2015 – 22 November 2015.

Nightcleaners, New Political Cinema series, BFI Southbank Theatre, London, England. 24 April 2015.

Richard Hamilton, International Pop exhibition, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. 11 April 2015 – 29 August 2015; Minnesota, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas. 11 October 2016 – 17 January 2016; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 24 February 2016 – 15 May 2016.

Richard Hamilton, History is Now: 7 Artists Take On Britain, Hayward Museum, London, England. 10 February 2015 – 26 April 2015.

Love’s Presentation and Richard Hamilton, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia. 14 January 2015.

Richard Hamilton, #Videotapes, online presentation curated by Harun Farocki, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany. June 2014.

Richard Hamilton, Richard Hamilton Retrospective, Tate Modern, London, England. 13 February 2014 – 26 May 2014; Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain. 27 June 2014 – 13 October 2014.

Love’s Presentation, Richard Hamilton and the Great Ice Cream Robbery, Three Films by James Scott, Light Industry Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 25 June 2013.

Every Picture Tells A Story, Projecting The Archive series, BFI Southbank Theatre, London, England. 9 May 2013.

Great Ice Cream Robbery, Double Vision 1: A Twin-Projection Compendium, BFI Southbank Theatre, London, England. 24 April 2013.