Every Picture Tells A Story with the Collected Art Films of James Scott


Every Picture Tells A Story with the Collected Art Films of James Scott


A brand new Blu-Ray/DVD collection of Every Picture Tells A Story, along with the complete set of James' films on artists: Love's Presentation 1966 (David Hockney), R.B. Kitaj 1967, Richard Hamilton 1969, The Great Ice Cream Robbery 1970 (Claes Oldenburg and Hannah Wilke), and Chance, History, Art... 1980 (a look back at surrealism through contemporary artists). All the films included have been newly remastered.

This set includes a two-disc version of The Great Ice Cream Robbery, which can now be played side-by-side as a dual-projection with separate soundtracks. This conforms to how it was originally presented.

[Released in 2017. The discs in the set are PAL Region 2]

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Every Picture Tells a Story (James Scott, 1984, 80 mins)

The Great Ice Cream Robbery – left screen (James Scott, 1971, 34 mins)


Love’s Presentation (James Scott, 1966, 27 mins)

R.B. Kitaj (James Scott, 1967, 19 mins)

Richard Hamilton (James Scott, 1969, 24 mins)

The Great Ice Cream Robbery – right screen (James Scott, 1971, 33 mins)

Chance, History, Art… (James Scott, 1979, 46 mins)


SKU 5035673021125

Catalogue Number BFIV2112

Subtitle The Art Films of James Scott

Product Contents  2xDVD

Year 1967-1986

Director James Scott

Format DVD

Publisher(s) BFI

Countries UK

Colour B/W and Colour

Subtitles English HOH

Language(s) English

Running time 263 mins